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The first automatic watering device that works with all kinds of plastic drinks bottles

Idris will water any pot plant with absolute precision, every day:
even when you are away

Idris Bottle
  • Pratical
  • Universal
  • Versatile
  • Reliable
  • Patented
idris packaging Tip Tip Tip Tip Tip
Tooltip 1

Universal connection system for 0.5 – 1 –1.5 – 2 – 5 litre bottles

Tooltip 2

Interchangeable colourcoded drippers: 10, 15, 20, 30 cl per day

Tooltip 3

Adjustable tripod for perfect stability, even with a full bottle of water

Tooltip 4

Pressure compensation system ensuring constant feed at the dripper outlet

Tooltip 5

Watering directly to the plant roots, to avoid evaporation

In the home, on a balcony or patio, but also in offices or waiting rooms, or reception areas: wherever there are pot plants, Idris will water them efficiently and without problems. A new idea from Claber that meets any watering requirement with a single product.

Idris comes with four interchangeable drippers designed to release the right amount of water to different types of plants, an adjustable tripod ensuring perfect stability and four threaded connectors to fit any type of standard plastic drinks bottle.

Made completely of plastic, Idris will be unaffected by limescale and last for ever. A technologically advanced product embracing Claber research and experience, scientifically tested and 100% reliable. No more bulky watering cans or makeshift drip systems: now with Idris you too can change the way you water your pot plants!

The right solution for every plant Idris is so easy to use

With four differently coloured and easily identifi able drippers, you can select exactly the right amount of water for the growth and well being of your plants.

Dosatore 10

MINIMAL WATERING – 10 cl per day

Cineraria Nasturtium Zinnia Cactus Poinsettia Ivy Sansevieria Euphorbia Tagetes Fatsia
Dosatore 15

MEDIUM WATERING – 15 cl per day

Anthurium Croton Kenzia Aspidistra Dracena Spatifi lum Chamaedorea Gardenia Clivia Jasmine
Dosatore 20


Asparagus Fern Rubber Plant Scheffl era Camelia Fuchsia Yucca Aralia Calathea Dieffenbachia
Dosatore 30

HEAVY WATERING – 30 cl per day

Azalea Hibiscus Begonia Pothos Bougainvillea Rhododendron Philodendron Geranium Hydrangea Strelitzia

Quantity - duration table

Choose from four dripper sizes:
10 – 15 – 20 – 30 cl per day

Bottiglia 05 Bottiglia 1 Bottiglia 15 Bottiglia 2 Bottiglia 5
Gocciolatori Dosatore 10 5 10 15 20 50 days
Dosatore 15 3 6 10 13 33 days
Dosatore 20 2 5 7 10 25 days
Dosatore 30 1 3 5 6 16 days

Compatible with any plastic drinks bottle: from 0,5 to 5 litresIdris Bottiglie

Idris is so easy to use

Select the dripper most suitable for the type of plant Fill a plastic bottle with water Screw the IDRIS tripod onto the bottle Anchor the tripod into the soil and pierce a small hole in the base of the bottle The IDRIS tripod and bottle will stand perfectly stable in the pot Once the bottle or container is empty, simply fill it up again


Idris is also available with its own tank, Which can be filled from the top: Claber Thinks of everything

Idris KitTip Tip Tip Tip Tip
Tooltip 1

With a hole provided in the top of the tank, filling with water is quick and easy

Tooltip 2

Water capacity 2 litres

Tooltip 3


Tooltip 4

Tank perfectly stable thanks to the tripod

Tooltip 5

Tank made of sturdy transparent material and has a graduated scale

Pot plants add beauty and elegance to all kinds. Of surroundings: a lounge, a waiting room, an Office… which is why Claber has designed a Special container to be used with the Idris, as an alternative to the ordinary plastic bottles Containing mineral water and soft drinks.

The tank designed for the Idris is not only Attractive; it also maximizes the convenience of this new watering system. The tank can be filled through the top opening, without being removed from the Pot, and the special graduated scale will show the level of the water.

The Idris kit is ready to use straight away: simply fit the dripper most suitable for the type of plant, fill the tank with water, push the tip of the irrigator into the soil, and... watering problems are sorted!

Even more advantages:

  • All in one product
  • Handy to use
  • Elegant design
  • Practical
  • Innovative
idris kit packaging

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